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About me

The most dreadful interview question ever. Tell me about yourself. It has left me many times on the verge of having a severe identity crisis. Do I know myself who I truly am? However, after spending some twenty something years on this great planet, and after millions of failure and disappointment and billions of heartbreak, I have given up the effort to fit myself into some mundane definition. Seriously, what is the point of taking oneself so seriously anyway?

Me in a nutshell (Boy, that's gonna be tough)

My name is Kuheli. A snooty Bengali girl from Calcutta. I speak Bengali, English, Hindi and Sarcasm. I am basically a loner vagabond with multiple personality disorder. As mad as the Hatter. A proud ISIan. I was a dog in my last birth. Yes it's true. 
I have a job which I hate from the very core of my heart. But I can't quit because I am addicted to shopping and my parents have refused to pay for my clothes long back. I often fantasize about winning a lottery or accidentally discovering some long lost uncle or aunt who would leave me great inheritance. If that ever happens, I will quit my job and next day I will go out on a world tour. Don't laugh fellas. Miracles do happen. Worst case, if that never happens, I will become like Miss Marple. Oh yes I forgot to mention, I am obsessed with murder, unsolved mysteries and the complexity of human psychology.

My idea of God

If you can make at least one person/one animal happy a day, that is God. 
Also Satyajit Ray.

Other interests and hobbies

I can sleep all day if I get a chance. I love to eat but I am also terrified of becoming fat.
I watch movies as if I am a part of the story.
I pretend to like classic novels in front of people, but I actually I love to read murder mysteries and adventure stories. You might snigger at me for liking Dan Brown, but I don't care. 
As I mentioned before, I am addicted to shopping to an extent that borders on mental illness. 
I love to travel. New place, new people, unknown language, different culture intoxicate me more than anything.
I am a diehard F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Sherlock fan.

I love

Music, sarcasm, Tom Hiddleston, tan leather boots, afternoon naps, rom coms, feminism, Harry Potter, Batman, Quentin Tarantino, staying up late night, talking to myself, singing to myself, disney movies, British accent, sitcom, Jane Austen, hangin out with boys, Marvel comics, red wine, visiting Indian Museum on winter afternoons, fruit & ice cream combo, matte lipstick, happily ever after, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Telugu songs (it's an unrequited love actually), Chandril Bhattacharya, memes, smell of new book, smell of old book, surprise gift, Feluda, Agatha Christie, shopping apps on my smartphone, instagram, pinterest, feeling of butterflies in the stomach when I am in love.

I hate

Stupidity, hypocrisy, wannabes, showing off, arrogance (unless you are Sherlock), Sonam Kapoor, Superman, monsoon, iphone, nightclub, Game theory, sissy people, Justin Bieber (who doesn't?), Chetan Bhagat, Kardashian clan, reality show, Twilight saga, facebook, tea with milk & sugar, getting up early morning, getting bitten between the toes by mosquitoes, social gatherings, false promises, heartbreak. 

Most prized possessions 

A small gold nosepin of my maternal grandmother whom I have never even seen a picture of. A pair of gold earrings gifted to me by amma, my other grandmother.

Favourite dish

Home (read Mom) cooked fish curry and rice. Period. 

Guilty pleasure 

Watching Telugu action movies. Go ahead, judge me. :D

My idea of ideal man

Sherlock Cumberbatch Holmes. Tom Loki Hiddleston. Feluda. Mr. Darcy. Captain Jack Sparrow. Indiana Jones. No wonder I am single. 
Oh, and I am obsessed with men in uniforms. Oh yes I am. 

Welcome to my blog. Although I am pretty sure nobody reads it.

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